Attention: To All Married Couples Struggling with Infertility Issues 

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Dear Worried Man/Woman,

Have you lost all hope on the possibility of carrying your own babies?

Have you been unable to find a solution to your infertility or that of your spouse?

Are you already contemplating on going for IVF as the last hope?

Are you concerned about age (Wife over 40)?

Or maybe in your own case, you have been told many times that, there is nothing wrong with you or your spouse , but yet you still cant pregnant

All these may already be causing strains in your relationship

You are Not Alone on this.....

Recent statistics shows that 9.2 million women made use of infertility services at some time in their life. Because fertility issues are so prominent, it is important to understand infertility, its causes and risk factors

Another study also found that about 2.1 million married couples experience infertility, while about 6.1 million women between the ages of 30 to 45 have an impaired ability to have children.

Infact, in Nigeria infertility is gradually becoming a serious issue.

If you think I am joking, Below is a post from The Punch Newspaper websites that talks about how serious this issue is in Nigeria :

In the world that we live today, we are faced with toxins and impurities in what we eat and drink, as well as chemicals from alcohol, cigarettes, medical drugs, cosmetics, household cleaning products, including environmental pollution of the air we breath in.

The accumulation of these toxic materials called free radicals and toxins  in our body system have effect on several natural body functions especially those that have something to do with our reproductive system.

Another major factor affecting both male and female when it comes to fertility issue is Over-weight.


Studies have shown that over-weight and obese men have worse sperm quality than men of healthy weight. Being overweight or obese can also cause hormonal changes that reduce fertility and make men less interested in sex. Men who are very overweight are also more likely to have problems getting an erection. Together, these factors reduce the chances of men who are overweight or obese fathering a child.

As a woman, if you’re trying to get pregnant, or intend to start trying, you need to know that being overweight – can affect your chances of conceiving and having a healthy baby.

Obesity can affect fertility by causing hormonal imbalances and problems with ovulation, particularly for obese women having their first baby. 

Women who are overweight or obese have less chance of getting pregnant overall. They are also more likely than women of healthy weight to take more than a year to get pregnant.

The risk of pre-eclampsia doubles in overweight women and triples in obese women. Overweight women have twice the risk of gestational diabetes and obese women eight times the risk, compared with women of healthy weight.

A woman who is obese is more than twice as likely to have a miscarriage as a woman of healthy weight. There is twice the risk that her baby will not survive

In order to completely remove these toxic materials called free radicals and toxins  and also get rid of infertility issues from the body system.......

Here are  Three (3) MUST-DO things for Every Couple That Is Struggling With Infertility Issues and Finding it Difficult to Get Pregnant

1. Detoxification
Considering the threat our body get exposed to daily from processed foods, water, pollution and stress, there is a more greater demand placed on the organ of the body saddled with the responsibility of detoxification. This could be really overwhelming.

This is why you also need to practically create an additional detoxification mechanism for your body to be able to cope with the daily demands placed on it.

The build up of toxins and free radicals in the body has a direct implications in most cases of infertility issues in both men and women

2. Hormone Balancing 
It is an established fact that our body's ability to get prepared for every stage of the baby making process is governed by certain hormones. These include Prolactin, Progesterone, Follicle Stimulating Hormone (FSH), Luteinizing hormone (LH), and Oestrogen.

Maintaining the right balance within these hormones is crucial to creating the right environment for a new foetus and ensuring proper development.

3. Antioxidant Therapy 
Antioxidants are natural substances found in many foods including fruits and vegetables. They are also available as dietary supplements.

The provide necessary nutrients for the body and that prevent cell damage.

Antioxidant are free-radical scavengers, they destroy free radicals in the body system and also help prevent cell damage

The truth is that, when our parents were growing up, they were not exposed to all the toxic threats that invade us today, hence it was much more easier for them to live a healthy life devoid of diseases.

But the lifestyles and the pollution of the environment that we all live today contributes in no small measure to the accumulation of toxins in our body thereby leading to varying degrees of health issues and disorders in both men and women.

Detoxification of the body system is a vital body function which involves the elimination of metabolic waste and other toxins from the body via certain organs - e.g. the skin and kidneys and especially the liver.

As much as 80% of all chemical processes that goes on in the body involves detoxification activities, but our modern day living  lifestyle has led to an increased exposure to toxins, as well as the toxic by-products of our own metabolism

Hence, there is need to detoxify our internal body system, in order to cleanse our entire body system, and avoid activities leading to the generation of several toxins within the body, which might affect the reproductive system if not cleansed and removed from the body

Therefore, both partners needs to detoxify and cleanse their internal body system, follow a fertility diet, take preconception supplement, and avoid activities that might lead to the production of toxins within the body.


The Natural 30 Days DETOX  PACK


Is a Natural Detox and Cleanse Pack and it contains the following components:

  • 4 bottles of 1 liter Aloe Vera Gel

    The Aloe Vera Gel will cleanse your entire body system for 30 Days, namely your colon, digestive tract, intestinal tracts, purify your blood, and vital organs. It has powerful organic herbs that does the job of cleaning out accumulated waste materials, toxins and impurities that causes health challenges and illness that is lifestyle related, like Diabetes, HBP, Cancer et al...

    It also cleanses the blood streams of toxins, free radicals, bacteria and parasites. It fights inflammations, improves digestion, enhances a healthy and natural weight loss, strengthens your immune response and promote over-all optimal health.

    Drinking aloe Vera gel helps to cleanse the reproductive and digestive system and also ensure better nutrient absorption

    It fights inflammations, improves circulation, prevents metabolic disorders, enhances a healthy and natural weight loss, strengthens  and boosts the immune system and promote over-all optimal health.

    This Video  Shows How Aloe Vera Detoxifies and Cleanses The Entire Body System of Toxins and Free Radicals  


1 Bottle of Arctic Sea Super Omega 3 Fish Oils:

Most of our modern diets lacks essential fatty acids which is very necessary for the proper functioning of the body system, hence making way for the build up of bad Cholesterol within the body system. These bad Cholesterol can block the blood vessels and arteries, thereby leading to High Blood Pressure, Hypertension e.t.c

Arctic Sea Super Omega 3 fish oils breaks down bad Cholesterol and unhealthy saturated fats  and keeps it down to the barest minimum.

Omega 3 fish oils have the potential to supply our bodies with healthy fatty acids every time our bodies make a new cell. If the healthy fatty acids are not available, the body will use the unhealthy saturated fats.

Omega 3 fish oils are considered essential fatty acids, meaning that the body cannot make them, or synthesize them, so they must be obtained through diet or taking supplements, for proper functioning of the body system

It support the healthy function of the cardiovascular system, brain and eyes.

This Video Shows How Artic Sea Super Omega-3 Fish Oil Breaks Down Bad Cholesterol in The Body System and Why It's better than other Brands



Cost of 30 days Detox Pack

Normal Price = N45,500


New Promo Price = N40,500

Are You  Struggling and Finding It Difficult To Get Pregnant In A Natural and Safe Way Despite All Your Efforts ?

If you have been struggling to get pregnant or frustrated  and feeling disappointed for not being able to conceive despite all your efforts... as a result of any of the following problems:

-- Irregular Menstrual Cycles
-- Delayed Periods
-- Endometriosis
-- Ovarian Cyst
-- Miscarriages
-- High Prolactin 
-- Hormonal Imbalances
-- Low Sexual Drive


You're about to discover what might be the most powerful Infertility Solution system ever developed. It's the same system that thousands of women, just like you, have used to permanently reverse their infertility, get pregnant naturally and give birth to healthy children.

Here Are Testimonial From Some People That Has Gone Through Our Natural Fertility Program

For every couple, starting a family and having a child of their own, ranks as one of the most life-changing and rewarding decisions that any couple could ever make. 

However, the state of the body system of both partner is very important for conception to happen, and also for the woman to be able  to carry the pregnancy to term.

Getting pregnant and carrying a new baby within your own body, requires adequate planning, preparation and also the right amount of nutrients intake and energy. 

The first Step is to detoxify and cleanse your body system. This is called The Fertility Detox Cleansing Process. This will help you to remove toxic materials (toxins) in your body that might affect any natural body functions especially those that have   to do with our ability to reproduce and getting pregnant .

However, after the detoxification and cleansing of your body system, it is imperative also for the couples to also ensure the intake of a lot of essential nutrients necessary for the optimization of the egg quality, growth and development of the baby.

This can be achieved through The Natural Fertility Diet Process.

A natural fertility diet supports your body in its reproductive efforts. It includes foods and supplements which provides specific nutrients needed for hormonal function, hormonal production and balance, foetal development, egg health, sperm health, blood health, and much more.

Introducing The Natural
Female Fertility Boost Pack

Female Fertility Boost Pack

This program is designed to help you prepare your body appropriately in order to create the right environment for conception to happen, while also nourishing the body with the needed protective antioxidant and ensuring the proper balance within the hormonal frame work

It helps women detoxify appropriately while balancing their sexual hormones, and supplying the needed nutrients necessary for conception and foetal development.

The Components In The Pack includes:

  • 1 Bottles Of Multi Maca:
    Maca may promote libido, sexual potency and energy. Peruvian women begin using Maca at age 3, and remain strong , fertile and productive, well into their later life
  • 2 Bottles Aloe Berry Nectar:
    Contains Cranberry Extract that helps in hormonal balance, thus improving the regularity of ovulation
  • 1 Bottles Arctic Sea:
    a combination of fish oil and olive oil. It is one of the balanced food supplements with manifold action, gives your body back what your busy lifestyle takes out!
  • 1 Bottle Of B-12 Plus : An highly effective herbal blend which include vitamins, minerals, and antioxidants to help preserve regular urinary flow, support optimal reproductive health and maintain healthy uterine function..
  • 1 Bottles Of Royal Jelly:
    Helps to regulate hormonal change and improve reproductive health.

Cost of Female Fertility Boost Pack

 Normal Price = N55,500


New Promo Price = N45,500

As you are aware, for conception to take place,  it's  requires contribution from the man (sperm) and  contribution from the woman (egg release) for fertilization to occur. 

Like it was mentioned earlier, the accumulation of toxic materials called free radicals and toxins  in our body system, as a result of our lifestyle, and what we eat and other extraneous environmental factors have effect on several natural body functions especially those that has to do with the reproductive system. e.g. the spermatozoa in men

Hence, after detoxification of the internal body system, it is also paramount that the male sperm quality, in terms of (sperm count),  sperm shape (morphology), sperm movement (motility) or function is also optimized, to ensure that fertilization and proper conception to take place


Introducing The Natural
Male Fertility Boost Pack

Male Fertility Boost Pack

This program helps men to improve the sperm function,  produce more viable spermatozoa and also boost the essential hormones necessary for quality sperm production and sexual function including infertility issues associated with Men like:

1. Low sperm count,

2. Poor sperm motility,

3. Premature ejaculation,

4. Poor sexual drive,

The Components In The Pack includes:

  • 1 Bottles Of Multi Maca:
    After certain period of using Maca in sexually mature men, the spermatozoid count as well as their mobility, are copiously increased. Those are the proofs that Maca acts as a hormonal regulator of the whole endocrine system
  • 1 Bottles Of Arctic Sea:
    Can help to improve blood circulation. When the blood circulation is good, male reproductive health will be improved as well
  • 1 Bottles of Nature Min:
    It provides minerals and trace minerals in a perfectly balanced ratio for maximum efficiency.
  • 1 Bottles of Bee Pollen:
    Provides Zinc the essential mineral for sperm health. Bee Pollen also helps to improves men’s energy level.
  • 1 Bottles Of Aloe Vera Gel:
    Contains more than 200 nutrient compounds, including vitamins, minerals, enzymes, and amino acids that are essential for good health. Aloe Vera Gel is great for healthy digestion and helps improve nutrient absorption.

Cost of Male Fertility Boost Pack

Normal Price = N55,500


New Promo Price = N45,500

Are These Products Approved And Legal To Use?

Absolutely YES, Not only are these products  100% Natural,  Safe  and Effective,  they're also Approved by NAFDAC and Other International Organizations, like KosherHalal  which gives it a Seal of Guarantee and highest form of approval in the world that any product can have


Okay, I'm Convinced!

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I want you to consider the value of what you are getting. It will save you lots of time and efforts and will finally put a smile on your face.

I have spent a huge amount of time and money when I was researching to get you everything you need PLUS my personal experience...

That is why I'm giving you these nutritional packages at these heavily discounted Price.


Exclusive Video

" The Natural Foods That Boost Fertility In both Men And Women!"

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