“I look pregnant, people ask when the baby is due, and I sometimes struggle for breathe while exercising.” –Story Of Mrs Yemisi And How she Finally Get Rid Of Her Fibroid Growth Naturally

Read Her Story Below:

It has been difficult living with fibroids,” says Mrs. Yemisi. Married at the age of 38, Yemisi has had this bulky stomach for years. She also struggled led with persistent bleeding, frequent urination, and cramping.

The bleeding sometimes comes so heavy that she would be confined within the walls of her bedroom for days. Even her finances are not spared as she uses between 11 and 15 pads a day anytime she is menstruating. The pains and bleeding were so unbearable that she did whatever that comes her way including patronising native doctors.

“I have looked for solution from even places you cannot imagine but at the end of the day,
there was no relief

Everybody thought it was, spiritual problem until it was finally confirmed that I have uterine fibroids.”

At this point, desperation set in.

In a desperate move to end the pain and at the same time have a child, she said: “Many people have advertised all sorts of cure which I have tried, all of the herbs that you can imagine and they worked for a while, but it’s very expensive because you have to keep on going.” Within a space of five years after marriage, Yemisi had several miscarriages.

It became so bad that she resigned from her job. Although, medical diagnosis revealed she has about seven fibroids in the uterine cavity, where the foetus would have occupied if all was well, Yemisi never backed down on her determination to give her husband a child.

Just like every other Nigerian woman, she visited many prayer houses in search of solution.

Unfortunately, the fibroids continued to increase in size, causing more harm and discomfort.

“Fibroids have compromised my career and life but knowing
I may never be able
to conceive is my worry"

I’m not giving up on my desire to have children,”she said. Months after months, her cycle started getting longer and longer. “It felt like I was bleeding all the time.

My energy was low, and my relationships were strained.
My bleeding was so severe that I felt very vulnerable and tied to my home.
I did not want to be embarrassed.
I was always having lower abdominal swelling and this has persisted for years. “I was also having constipation even after eating a full plate of fruits. I have been afraid of doing surgery for some reasons.

There have been stories about people who could not conceive after surgery.

The worst part is that so many women have lost their lives after complicated fibroid surgery”. Meanwhile, Mrs Yemisi Continue in search for Natural Solution that can Finally Shrink all the growth and also prevent Further Re-growth without surgury.

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