Do You Care About Lowering Your High Blood Pressure Naturally within 4 weeks without Any Harmful Side Effect...? You Have to Pay attention.

Hypertension and High Cholesterol level In Your Body Could Kill You At The Snap Of A Finger

But This Powerful Herbal Supplement Can Save You


 High Blood Pressure otherwise known as hypertension is a deadly disease. In fact it has been called “The Silent Killer” by experts in the medical field.

That means, it might never show you symptoms, and you might think you are so healthy with the blood pressure of a 20 year old boy, but the day it would strike it will be fatal.

High blood pressure could start when there is tension found in the arteries that distribute blood from the heart to the body. This tension is caused by excess cholesterol found in the arteries. With this, the arteries are choked making it harder for the blood to flow. This is where hypertension starts.

The older you get the more prone you are to this disease because as you age, your arteries loses it elasticity and your heart weakens.. Obesity and high salt intake are also “fuels’ for high blood pressure.

Perhaps you might be living so healthy, you watch your weight and what you eat. This is good but they are no guarantees that you have a normal blood pressure.

Do you know that a family history of high blood pressure increases the risk of hypertension happening to you by a whooping 80%.; this has being proven by experts in Mayo clinic. Chances are, if your parents or grandparents had hypertension there is a high risk that you would have hypertension too.

Ignoring Your High Blood Pressure Could Be

 Dangerous And Could Even Lead To Death.

It Either Kills You “Slowly Or Quickly”.

If it wants to kill you slowly, you could wake up one morning and discover that you had a stroke and your brain is damaged, either your whole body is paralyzed or half of your body is paralyzed.

With this development you lose the quality of your life and become a liability to everyone around you. Stroke is so bad that, you won’t be able to use the toilet like before because you are paralyzed. My granny had to pee and poo on herself, then we clean it up for her.

That’s how bad it is.

You could also develop kidney failure, heart attack or you may even go blind.

If you doubt me Google it.


If it decides to kill you quickly, it comes like a thief in the night, causing a heart attack or cardiac arrest that kills you on the spot. That’s why you hear that people slump and die.

I suffered almost the same fate. When I turned 50 I started experiencing severe headache and chest pain, dizziness and blurred vision. I was obese and I had a bad eating habit. When I was diagnosed with a blood pressure so high, it was 140/90 to be precise. It is called PreHypertension.

Or when the blood pressure becomes as high as 160/100, then it is called a  High Stage 1 Hypertension,

while anything above 160/100,  is called a High Stage 2 Hypertension

I was scared to death, I feared that I would either have a stroke or a heart attack one day and be erased from the face of the earth. To make my fears worse, I had lost my grandma to this same high blood pressure.

With this development, I took my life into my hands and started changing my lifestyle. I started losing weight and eating correctly.

I bought the Blood Pressure Monitor and started taking the drugs prescribed to me by my medical doctor .

Though My Blood Pressure Was Decreasing But It Was Slow Until I Was Introduced To This Powerful Herbal Package That Saved My Life For Good And Gave Me The Blood Pressure Of A 25 Year Old Boy.

This Herbal Formula Is Very Effective and Potent.....

That It lowered My Blood Pressure To An Amazing 120/80  Normal Blood Pressure.

The Most Amazing Thing Is How Fast This Herbal Formula Did It.

It Supplemented The Drugs My Doctor Gave Me And Helped Me Lower My Cholesterol Level Fast Without Any Side Effects.

Now I Am So Happy And I Leave A Worry-Free Life.  Unlike Before I Was Always Panicking Whenever I Checked My BP.

Back Then It Was So High And I Took Some Drugs With Adverse Side Effects Which Made Me Sick And Angry.

But This One Has No Side Effect Because It’s All Herbal, 100% Natural with No Chemicals, It’s Even Made From Ginger, Garlic And Aloe Vera.

Its Used By Millions Of People Around The World To Fight Hypertension.

Trust Me, It Works Like Wild Fire.

Do you suffer  presently from any of these 3 health problems 

  1. High Cholesterol Level
  2. High Blood Pressure
  3. Blocked Arteries

Would You Want A Herbal Supplement That Can Help You

Clear your Blocked arteries,

Reduce your Cholesterol

and Lowers your High Blood Pressure To The Normal 120/80 Without Any Side Effects?

If Your Answer To This Question Is A BIG YES.  then I have great news for you.

Then Let Me Introduce You To….

Forever Garlic-Thyme + Aloe Vera Gel + Cardio Health

This 3-in-1 Combination Has Being Recommended

By Most Cardiovascular Health Experts

As The Best Supplement For Fighting Hypertension.

Taking this 3 combinations which work hand in hand, you will not need to worry about your blood pressure any longer. Within 60 days of using these supplements even without the prescribed drugs by your doctor, you will have the blood pressure of a 25 year old boy.

I once suffered high blood pressure myself, I used it and it worked for me.

Due to the amazing results I got from these supplements. I dedicated my life to showing other hypertension sufferers the solution to having a normal blood pressure once again.

Also thousands of people worldwide from China, to USA to Korea, and South Africa have used it with positive results. Your case is not too bad for it not too work. If it can work for other people around the world surely it can work for you too.

Let Me Show You How This 3-in-1 Combination Will

 Help You Clear Your Arteries & Lower Your Blood Pressure.


Forever Garlic-Thyme.



Just as the name goes, this supplement contains the powerful herbal extracts gotten from garlic and thyme. Garlic and Thyme are not just for spicing food, but can also be used to lower blood pressure.

·    Forever Garlic And Thyme

    Helps Lower Cholesterol That Is Found In The Blood Vessels. Garlic Contains Allicin And Sulfur Compounds That Burn Cholesterol, Which Chokes The Blood Vessels Preventing Blood Flow.

It Helps To Decrease Blood Platelet Aggregation, thus helping the Blood Flow Easily.

It Helps You To Get Rid Of That Headache, And Body Pain You Feel From Time To Time. With This, Your Blood Will Flow Sharply.

Also helps to prevent sudden  damage to the brain and heart Stroke And Heart Attack. Stroke Can Damage Your Brain, Ending Up Paralyzing The Victim, And Stealing The Quality Of Your Life.

A Heart Attack Can Kill You Instantly, but this supplement will prevent it.

Forever Garlic And Thyme Helps Destroy Free Radicals The Destroy The Blood Vessels Making It Weak. It Helps Renew Your Blood As You Age.



Aloe Vera Gel


Imagine slicing open an Aloe leaf and consuming the gel directly from the plant. Our Forever Aloe Vera Gel™ is as close to the real thing as you can get.

The miraculous aloe leaf has been found to contain more than 200 compounds. A product of our patented aloe stabilization process, our gel is favored by those looking to maintain a healthy digestive system, lowers cholesterol, and a natural energy level.

Aloe Vera Gel contains very potent chemical that helps in fighting blood pressure.

·    Aloe Vera Gel Expands Your Blood Vessels Giving More Space For Your Blood To Flow With Ease. As You Age Your Blood Vessels Lose Elasticity. Aloe Vera Gel Helps To Improve The Elasticity Of Your Blood Vessels.

     Aloe Vera Gel Contains Vitamin C Which Is Needed To Create Blood Collagen. This Collagen Renews The Strength Of Your Arteries Making It Stronger.

·   Research Carried Out By Cardiovascular Experts Have Proven That Aloe Vera Gel Helps Lower Blood Pressure Fast.


Forever Cardio Health


CardioHealth™ with CoQ10 is a special formula designed to mix with our Forever Aloe Vera Gel™ to provide three important nutritional supports for cardiovascular health. It supports healthy homocysteine levels, supplies co-enzyme Q10 to promote efficient metabolism, and provides heart-healthy antioxidants.

Another way Forever CardioHealth™ supports good cardiovascular function is by helping to maintain healthy homocysteine levels in the blood. The B vitamins in Forever CardioHealth® (Vitamin B6, B12, and Folic Acid) have been shown to help keep homocysteine levels in the healthy lower range. This in turn helps support healthy heart and blood vessel function.

Forever Cardio Health

1. Helps To Increase Your Body Metabolism That Decreases As You Age.

2.  Helps You Body Burn Excess Fat And Cholesterol Which Is Bad For The Heart And Blood Vessels.

3. Boosts The Supply Of CoQ10 for the blood which Helps To Prevent A Heart Attack 

How To Use:

Mixing This Tea With Aloe Vera Gel Works Best For Lowering Your Blood Pressure.

Simply pour, stir and drink – it’s that easy – and your heart will thank you!


Are These  Products Approved And Legal To Use?

Absolutely YES,  Not only are these products  100% Natural,  Safe, With No-side-Effects and Very Effective,  they're also Approved by  NAFDAC  and Other International Organizations, like KosherHalal  which gives it a Seal of Guarantee and highest form of approval in the world that any product can have .


Let Me Show You Proof Of What People

Who Have Used This Supplements Have To Say..



This 3-in-1 combination  worked for me.


I am 56 years old and I was diagnosed with a blood pressure so high as 165/110 this was so extreme.

My doctor warned me that at this stage I could get a stroke or cardiac arrest anytime. I had to desperately find a way to lower my blood pressure because my father died at the age of 55 due to high BP.

My daughter introduced me to this 3-in-1 combination and sincerely, it worked for me. My blood pressure decreased to 140/90 in one month and then 120/80 within a few days.

I recommend this formula to anyone who wants to lower their blood pressure.

Ibeku Joshua (56 Years. Anambra State)




The Aloe Vera Gel worked wonders for me


I was living a healthy lifestyle even as I aged. I watched what I ate and made sure I exercised regularly but I was drinking this herbal tea that contained Liquorice.

Liquorice is not good for elderly people who are prone to High BP. I took it unknowingly and my BP skyrocketed.

My doctor who diagnosed me recommended some drugs and this 3-in-1 combination.

The Aloe Vera Gel worked wonders for me. My blood pressure went back to normal within 60 days. I am grateful.

Dabiel Etinam (60 Years, Rivers State)




My blood pressure has gone back to normal.


I suffered a heart attack while I was in the middle of a business meeting. I was rushed to the hospital and I was diagnosed with a heart attack which rose due to stress from my workload. Luckily for me, I was resuscitated and my heart continued beating. The doctor prescribed this 3 In 1 supplement for me and asked me to rest properly. With this my blood pressure has gone back to normal. The Forever Garlic And Thyme works and does not have the typical garlic smell. Thanks to this, I now have a normal blood pressure.

Fred Johnson (53 Year Old, Lagos State)



Am sure you want to be part of this set of people who are living a Hypertension-Free life. The ball is in your court, do not wait until your case gets worse before you take your blood pressure seriously.


How Much Can You Get This 3 In 1 Combination.


If you decide to get this product directly from the manufacturers in the USA it can cost you a fortune. In fact you would spend up to N20,000 (including shipping cost) just to get the Forever Garlic And Thyme, talk less of the other 2 products which are very expensive.

Worst of all, you will have to wait for about 1 week for it to be shipped down here to Nigeria.

I have found a way to negotiate to the manufacturers to ship it here in bulk so I can make it available to you easily and at a pocket friendly price.

Let me show you the options you can take.


Option 1


If you are limited in cash you can buy any one of this 3  product

You can buy one product at the respective prices.


Forever Garlic-Thyme                     Forever Cardio Health                   Aloe Vera Gel             = N10,000                                                     = N20,000                                        = N10,000


But it is not advisable because this 3-in-1 combination works hand-in-hand

in lowering your blood pressure fast.

For better and effective results,

cardio vascular experts have recommended that you go for the 3-in-1 formula.

I have decided to give it to you at a bonanza price below which leads us to….



Option 2

Complete 3-in-1 Combo 


The reason why we are selling this Option 2 for N35,000 instead of N40,000

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But Once these 25 product packs is exhausted,

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When the next set of product packs that we have ordered for arrived, we will go back to it original normal price of N40,000 for option 2, no more no less.

We will also take away the FREE TIPS on “How To Prevent A Heart Attack”

This is because the dollar exchange rate skyrockets every day,

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Also If you go for the Option 2,

You will Get a free Tips 

“Tips On How To Prevent Hypertension and Save Your Life” .

In This Tips  You will learn the following…

  Lifesaving Things You Must Do To Prevent A Heart Attack. 


But let me warn you…

“Ignoring This Offer And Doing Nothing

About Your High Blood Pressure Can Be Fatal.

According To Statistics 1.5 Million Nigerians Have High Blood Pressure

And They Don't Even Know About It, But One Day It Will Surely Strike.


Once It Strikes, You Might Have A Bad Stroke.

Or One Part Of Your Body Will Be Paralyzed And Sagging or Go Blind.

And Once This Happens To You, There Is No Cure For It.

The Quality Of Your Life Will Depreciate

And You Might Eventually Become A Liability To Everyone Around You.

You Won’t Be Able To Work Smartly And Life Will Just Become A Nightmare For You.

Your Children Might Have To Carry You From One Place To The Other Instead Of Living Their Own Life. This Is If It Doesn’t Kill You Instantly With A Heart Attack.


But I Pray That This Will Not Be Your Portion In Life.


But For This Prayer To Be Answered  You Need To Take Action Now Before Its Too Late.

Do Not Put Yourself At Risk Of A Stroke Or Heart Attack Or Blindness

 Prevention Is Better Than Cure.....So They Say.

Do Not Wait UnTill Your Situation Gets Worse And Become Irreversible,

By Then You Would Have Become A Victim Of Had I Known Syndrome.

And By Then It Will Be Too Late”


So What are you still waiting for?


If you are very serious about lowering your blood pressure

 before it becomes worse and leads to a heart attack, stroke or blindness…


Then Go and Order For Your  3-In-1 Herbal Supplements  Right Away  .



 Note: This Special Discount Offer Is Only Available

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The Price Goes Back To 40,000 Naira


Here Is How To Order For Your 
"3-In-1 HBP Supplements" 

Option 1: 
Bank Deposit [Free Delivery]

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Step 2

Once payment has been made, simply send the details of your payment to:

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The payment details you are to send are:

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PLEASE NOTE - Once we receive your SMS or WatsApp Message, Our Agent Will Put A Call Across to you! Once your order is confirmed, Our COURIER company  shall package and ship your order and the Product Will Be Delivered to your doorsteps within 2-5 Days depending on your location



We Offer Cash On Delivery
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We offer 100% money back guarantee, no stories, no questions.

So you have nothing to lose or fear.


With all this, the ball is now in your court, am sure you are wise enough to make the best decision as regards your health.

Thanks in anticipation of your response.

Be rest assured that we are going to work with you to get your desired outcome.


1. This supplements are not meant to replace your drugs prescribed by your doctors. You take it alongside the drugs given to you by your doctors for effective and fast results.

2. This supplement IS NOT for pregnant women, so if you are pregnant and you have high blood pressure...PLEASE CONSULT YOUR DOCTOR BEFORE USING ANY SUPPLEMENT.

Wishing you the best of glowing good health,

To Your Success


(Phone 08035115292)

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