What If You Don't Need Surgery To Fix
Your Enlarged Prostate?

3 Simple Tips To Quickly Reduce Your Enlarged Prostate.

If you have prostate enlargement, and want to end the pain, inconvenience and discomfort -- safely, naturally and relatively quickly... then this article will show you how.

Listen to this:

There are actually many ways to shrink your enlarged prostate down to size.

Some ways involve surgery and prescription drugs.

Only problem with those is they can be either invasive and painful (in the case of prostate surgery) or have scary side effect (in the case of prescription drugs).

But there are also natural and safe ways, too.

Ways that cause you no pain.

And that are 100% non-invasive.

Here are 3 of such natural ways to shrink down to size your enlarged prostate:

For example,

  1. There are herbs like golden chia and ginseng. Golden chia has been prescribed for years by European doctors to suppress prostate gland growth. And ginseng is a "super herb" that can relieve inflammation, is a natural (mild) antibiotic, and even helps clear out excess hormones that give you "man boobs"(i.e big breast in men).
  2. Another option is propolis or bee glue. Propolis is known for helping to reduce swollen prostates. And, it also helps elasticity too, which is also good for fighting prostate enlargement.
  3. Drinking water is another thing you should do (starting today). Drink enough water to cover half your body weight in liters. So in other words, if you weigh about 90kg, drink 3 liters of water -- spaced out throughout the day (what I do is refill my water every time I use the bathroom).

However, there are other natural ways to shrink your enlarged prostate fast and also with no side effects.

One of such is Saw Palmetto. The most important factor about saw palmetto is that it’s been shown to slow the production of the enzyme 5-alpha reductase, so taking it is a strong step to improve prostate health. This enzyme converts the male hormone testosterone into dihydrotestosterone (DHT) — a sex steroid and androgen hormone.

While DHT is important because it plays a role in male development, it also contributes to many common health issues in men, such as loss of libido, an enlarged prostate and hair loss. By taking saw palmetto supplements or using the extract of this beneficial plant, you inhibit the production of this hormone and avoid these issues or shrink it (In case of enlarged prostate) that are seen in middle-aged and older males with 80% to 90% success rate.

Saw Palmetto Benefits:

  1. Helps to shrink down enlarged prostate
  2. Reduces risk of prostate cancer
  3. Helps with hair loss

And that's all there is to it.

These are relatively cheap (even free in the case of water) options for shrinking prostate enlargement down to size.

Result of which include an end to:

  • Weak stream of urine
  • Leaking of urine
  • Blood in the urine
  • Difficulty in starting urination
  • Dribbling of urine especially after urinating
  • Frequent urination and sometimes sudden urge to urinate especially in the night
  • Feeling of not fully emptying the bladder

That will be all for now.

I do hope you find the write up helpful.

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